Young Adventerous Minds 
Pre-School & Pre-K (2-5)

​All Day Program

Cooperative Learning

Phonemic Awareness

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Creative Play

Committed to Family Enrichment
Welcome to Sweet Potato Kids, Pre-K program, “Young Adventurous Minds” (YAMS). Our primary mission
is to ensure that children participating in “Young Adventurous Minds” enter kindergarten cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically prepared to not only succeed, but excel. We place an emphasis on early intervention in education which will yield long term benefits for the students, schools and surrounding


The curriculum we implement is "Creative Curriculum".

Creative preschool curriculum includes learning objectives and activities to address all areas of growth in the preschool child. Creative Curriculum addresses learning through child-led activities to take advantage of the natural curiosity exhibited by children at this age.
​In addition..."YAMS”, will participate in a fitness and nutrition initiatives to encourage healthy values, fresh food consumption and active movement.